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LIFETIME subscription to the FamilyMint Premium application includes mobile access + the ability to add unlimited children within one family 

Hardcopy Version

Commercially printed and bound Money Management Certification Program workbook will be sent to you - no need to print it yourself

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A $55 value for $26.99 (50% off)

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Note: After purchase you will be given instructions on how to create your Premium for Life account. If you are already a FamilyMint user, please respond to your order confirmation email with your FamilyMint username and we will upgrade your existing account.
  • Mobile - through any phone with an internet browser
  • Allowance - never forget again
  • Savings Plan - split deposits into multiple accounts
  • Interest - motivate savings over spending
  • Locking - to prevent withdrawals or transfers
  • Matching - automatic matching deposits
  • No ads - No ads in paid Premium accounts
  • History - no limit on historical transactions

The Basic version of the application doesn't include any of the Premium features listed above, but is still very useful, educational, and fun.

  • The FamilyMint Method - increase your child’s understanding, confidence, and success in managing money.

  • Goals - create, work hard, and achieve! Only 3% of us take the time to think about goals and write them down. Creating SMART goals is a natural part of using FamilyMint and is one of the great new habits your child will form through this system.

  • Tracking - where money comes from and where it goes.

  • Information → Behavior → Habit - FamilyMint will help transform information into behavior and eventually into life-long, foundational, financial literacy habits that will pay back for generations!

  • Simple & Fun - get up and running in just minutes.

Created by children’s money management experts; tested by thousands of families.

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There is no cost for the Basic version, but you will have the option of a one-time donation to help us keep the lights on. 

Take a look at our FAQ page for common questions such as switching from the Basic/Free version to Premium For Life, number of workbooks to purchase, number of kids the online application supports, age ranges, and more.